My philosophy

I firmly believe in a leadership philosophy based around coaching over traditional management systems of control. In practice, this is focusing most of your effort on helping the teams you coach grow as individuals, rather than lording a lofty title over them while jockeying for the next.

I believe in developing the interest in feedback and personal growth within your team members and not in feedback being a compliance checkbox that is ticked once a year ahead of a formal annual review.

I believe in having the hard conversations at the right moment, with people who are ready to hear and eager to improve from what you say. I’ve seen many teams who aren’t there yet work hard, build trust, and make a safe environment for expressing dissenting opinions or giving direct, honest suggestions to their bosses about ways they’d like to see them improve.

I aspire to make this kind of interaction between teams be the norm rather than the exception. I’m building tools to take the tedium out of feedback. Take that time back to be human and have personal interactions with your teams.

As a software engineer building leadership tools to scratch his own itch, I’m continually learning and refining my ideas about leadership, tweaking these tools along the way. I hope you find what I build useful in your leadership practice and am humbled to be learning with you.

Matt from encoro

Matt ⚡